LuxCare Auto Car Protection Available at Dellen Automotive

A new vehicle is a major investment and, as such, it’s important to do all you can to protect it before hitting the open road. While proper maintenance is key, keeping up with your car’s physical appearance is just as important. That’s why our Greenfield dealership is proud to offer our auto protection plan, LuxCare Auto Protection, to help keep your vehicle looking fresh for many more miles to come!

Exceptional Care for Greenfield Drivers

LuxCare Auto Protection offers extensive protection for your car. When applied to the exterior, it can help safeguard your ride from acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and UV rays–all of which can damage and decrease the value of your vehicle. LuxCare Auto Protection can also help protect the interior of your ride from daily wear and tear. Dirt, food, drinks, kids, and pets can certainly weather the interior of your ride but our auto protection plan can help keep the inside of your car pristine.

By paying special care to your interior and exterior, you can help protect, maintain, and enjoy your vehicle’s flawless appearance. Contact us online today to learn more about LuxCare Auto Protection or the other car repair services we offer!